TWIP: The ultimate podcast about parasites

Posted by Kasra

It has been more than a year since my last post. Apparently doing science has taken over writing about science. I am going to try to put more frequent updates which means that I get to explore research being done on parasites again! I would also like to state again that parasite diary would gladly accept your diaries as well. May it be your own research, or work by somebody else that you find fascinating. It doesn’t need to be recently published either. I am pretty sure nobody has read everything about everything. Therefore, all stories about parasites (whether eukaryotic or not) can be exciting and informative to read. If you are interested in participating, send us your diaries to  parasitediary AT gmail DOT com and we will publish them under your name.

As a start to the new era of the parasite diary, I would like to introduce a podcast  that I think anyone with the slightest interest in parasites should not miss. This Week in Parasitism (TWIP)  is narrated by Dr. Vincent Racaniello and Dr. Dickson Despommier from Columbia University. This podcast teaches you  about ecology, physiology and behaviour of eukaryotic parasites and tells you stories that you have never heard before about their history and impact on human life.  Their enthusiasm  for research and for parasites pumps up your energy to continue doing your boring benchwork while listening! I need say no more. Check out TWIP and its sisters (or brothers?) TWIV (Virology) and TWIM (Microbiology).

P.S. The picture in the logo of TWIP is of the nematode Trichinella spiralsis sitting comfortably inside its nurse cell in the muscle tissue.