The Parasite Diary: an introduction

What this blog tends to do:

This blog intends to be a start-up place to bring together students and researchers from all around the world that are working on parasites that cause human diseases. We believe that much knowledge could be acquired through communication and interaction and that especially this communication is essential in the complex world of parasites.

Our goals are sharing of knowledge, ideas and technical expertise among students and researchers. The more active members our community has the more benefit we will have from one another.

How we like to start:

We like to start by putting up summaries and interesting points about research articles that we read every now and then. We also invite everyone to send us summaries of what they have found interesting and worthy of sharing and we would be pleased to post them on the blog (please see the about us page). Feel free to leave comments and initiate discussions that could go more in depth into the experimentation or data analysis.

A constitution for further development of this blog is under preparation. Ideas are more than welcome.