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My posts on other websites


I’m honored to be a subject editor on Canadian Science Blogs Aggregator Science Borealis. Science Borealis is an inclusive digital science salon featuring Canadian bloggers from a wide array of scientific disciplines. I am a co-editor for the Biology and Life Sciences as well as Health, Medicine and Veterinary Science section. Every couple of months, I write editorial highlight posts on the Borealis blog with my fellow co-editors. You can find links to my highlight posts at Science Borealis here:

 Let’s Make School Vaccination rates public – March 2015

Celebrate World Wetlands Day – February 2015

Ebola and the Fear Factory – December 2014

Climate Change and Human Health – October 2014

Celebrating Biodiversity at Science Borealis – May 2014

Trading in Wellness – March 2014

Wrapping up February with Darwin – February 2014

Snakes on a stick – December 2013

The future of Canadian science is our students – December 2013

Movember’s moustache mania – December 2013


As a member of the Canadian Science Writers Association (CSWA), I also get the chance to write for the CSWA guest blog. Here are the links to my posts:

On the road to eradicating Guinea Worm Disease – April 2015

Confessions of a Former Climate Change Denialist – October 2014 – Republished in TheTyee and Salon

Science Tourism – A visit to Mendel’s museum of Genetics – April 2014 

What you need to know about organoids – December 2013

I do research on laboratory animals, let’s talk about that – July 2013


My writing in other websites:


On Vancouver Public Space Network:

Six Reasons why voting yes for transit is good for your health


On Ubyssey (UBC’s official student newspaper):

It’s time for UBC to go Smoke-Free

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