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Science is boring

Posted by Kasra:

I often think of how Richard Feynman so simply and truly describes the beauty or extra-beauty that science brings to everything around us. I believe what Feynman says is more or less obvious to scientists or people somehow involved in science. We enjoy asking questions and seeking answers that naturally lead to more questions. Then why is it that we can’t convey this feeling to more people? Why the general consensus is that “Science is boring?” Is it because it solves riddles and demystifies magic? Or is it because of the overused and misused jargon? Or mazybe it is because it replaces a preferred presumption with hard truth? With all the discoveries and advancements and technologies surrounding us, why would some people still think science is boring? Maybe science communication should not be just writing about cool stuff that happen in science, but also discussing why we find them cool and fascinating. Feynman elegantly describes the way a scientist would look at nature.

I tried to read only little bit about the interaction of pollinators and flowering plants and was overwhelmed with its complexity. At least one way that I find science fascinating is how it explains the complexity of nature by enhancing its details. It reveals and explains hidden patterns and interactions, at the end making it even more complex that it originally was, nevertheless more beautiful. Here is just a glimpse of this beauty, ultraviolet vision of butterflies and nectar guides of flowers.

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