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Two Immunology blogs

Posted by Kasra

I’ve been struck down with a cold for quite some days now and haven’t been able to put my thoughts together for my next post.  During the healing process, I would like to introduce two eloquently written Immunology blogs that I accidentally stumbled upon on Researchblogging. I am appreciating this website more and more both as a general science reader as well as a science blogger. Regular or once a while visits are definitely recommended. Now the blogs:

Memory Reactivation discusses recent research mostly around adaptive immunity and interactions among immune cells. The technical language might be difficult for those not in the field, but definitely a pleasant read for immunologists.

Lucas Tafur  takes a comprehensive look at research on relationships among diet, metabolism and immune function, an area of immunology that I personally find very interesting and informative.

Enjoy reading and come back soon!


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